Friday, 11 January 2013

Porn! Pure Shoe Porn!

I am in shoe love! I've been looking for a pair of Air Jordan's for quite some time and I've finally found the ones! The only problem is that I'm lacking the multiple hundreds of pounds in funds to purchase them!

There's nothing wrong with having hopes and dreams!

Bloody Beauties!


Trolling through tumblr on this truly wild Friday night only to come across the most amazing shoes in the world ever! ...Minor over exaggeration but they're definitely very very cool!

These Timberlands are unbelievably amazing! Talk about 90s nostalgia! I think i'm mainly obsessed with the gold laces and chains! Too cool!

And these Nike Air Max90's! Despite my current debate over whether I truly like Nike Air Max following their current explosion in street style trends, I'm a sucker for anything gold! 

What can I say? TheGoldSmith loves Gold! Shock Horror!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Say WAH!

I love nail art! Trolling through the images that are frequently posted up on Instagram and Tumblr is where I tend to find the most unique designs. But my favourite go to for nail designs is most deinitely WAH Nails! Situated in London, they've two nail bars in which they conjure up their magical designs!

Not yet having the privilege of visiting the amazing WAH girls myself, I often produce pic stitches and snippings of designs that send my cuticles tingling!

Situated a little bit closer to home in Cardiff, I have found my own alternative nail bar, Wonderland beauty and nail salon. The girls there are a God send and are dab hand at what they do!
Gel sculptures in a ravishing red with copper glitter tips and little gold bows are what I opted for. Girly but deadly! I love them! My only concern now is how I'm going  maintain them whilst at Uni in Nottingham!
Know of any truly decent nail bars up the Nottingham end of the words, let me know! I've grown attached to my lovely talons and don't want to have to let them go!