Thursday, 22 December 2011

Power of the Brow!

It's amazing what the smallest changes to a face can do! Not many people realise it, but the eyebrow plays key significane in the shaping of a face!

I most definitely became aware of this on Monday & never before have I been so appreciative og getting my eyebrows threaded!
Not to say I haven't experienced a great sense of relief before, but this time was different!
For 3 months, of which I am truly ashamed, I suffered the humiliation of having the eyebrows of a yeti! My beautician can quite honestly work wonders, making something out of nothing! It's like my face can breathe again! Truly & utterly amazing!

But it seemed the world had to keep itself in balance! With the good, must come the bad! As I recently mentioned, I replaced my laddered HOH Super Suspender tights with a fresh pair! I should be happy right?...NO! Me being the goon that I am, I laddered my 2nd pair on a night out with the girls last night :( Will I be investing in a 3rd pair? HELL YAAA! I Love me some HOH!

Hate to end this on a low note, but I thought i'd burden you all with my sorrows! Feel my pain! :)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Cossak In The Making!

So Today i finally purchased my Cossak hat! & I am soo excited!
It was 8.99 from Newlook, 30% off & 10% Student discount! Yes, I am a student! So i buy things as cheap as I possibly can! & I think I deffo met this goal with this amazingly dicounted buy!

I thought it mightn't look as good on me as I've got short hair but i'm blooming loving it! haha
Just proves that before you knock something, be sure to give it a try! Im sure that once i've got my hair did & weaved up it'll look great! But for the time being, I think im working it just as well! :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

A week ago Wednesday, I laddered my newly bought Henry Holland for Pretty Polly tights! After failing to take clearly labelled advice, I gimpishly bawled my eyes out as my friends sat and watched! Trying not to laugh!
I have finally purchased a new pair of  Super Suspender Tights!
My tights draw is soon to be complete again!
Also, about two weeks ago, I rather stupidly managed to by a pair of tan cloured 'im laddered' tights from the same range. In case you havn't noticed from my picture, I am black :) So obviously these tights were of no use! Until.....

I had the most amazing revelation & break through! YOU CAN DYE TIGHTS! A-MAZING! Sooo, as soon as i return to Nottingham after christmas I will be investing in some black dye & will be experimenting in my bathroom sink!
But beside my traumatic experience, I thought this would be quite a cool way of experiementing with ready bought tights to create your own style and array of colours maybe? Although there is one key factor! The tights must contain a % of Nylon or Cotton!
All tights problems resolved! Go me! :)

Mens fashion

I suppose it was this twitter rant that persuded me into developing my own blog.

'Men's fashion interests me more than women's! Evidently, it dominates much less of the fashion & high street markets...'
'Its ten times for interesting questioning why a guy dresses the way he does rather than questioning another girl!'
'Everything is more interesting when it comes from a whole different view point! & from an aspect that i am unable to reach!'

My First Time

So, this is my first ever blog post! After many years & months of debating as to whether I should get one, I finally gave in and started this! 'Curisity Killed Chay'!
First, why the name? Although I am a fashion student and I am very much into music I did not want to develop a blog that soley revovled around this and so did not want a name that insinuated either of those subjects. I want this blog to be a way for me to share my random day to day thoughts and experiences. Yes, many of those experiences may concern fashion and music but my life involves a lot more than the two. As you'll soon come to find, I am a very inquisitive person. Not in the sense that I can't keep my nose out of everyone elses business, but in the sense that I always find myself wondering and quetioning many things pop up throughout my life.
I'm Sure you've heard the phrase 'curiostiy killed the cat'. Well, because I'm so ingenuis, I replaced the cat with my own name!! (Yes, My name is Chay! Short for Michayla!) :)

Does curiosity really kill a person? Isn't it better to ask the question rather than live in constant wonder? Isn't it better to share your thoughts rather than over crowding the mind? I think so!

So! Get ready for a chain of blog posts from a very curious 18 year old! Questioning, sharing, rambling, moaning & having a laugh! After all, blogs are supposed to be fun!