Thursday, 22 December 2011

Power of the Brow!

It's amazing what the smallest changes to a face can do! Not many people realise it, but the eyebrow plays key significane in the shaping of a face!

I most definitely became aware of this on Monday & never before have I been so appreciative og getting my eyebrows threaded!
Not to say I haven't experienced a great sense of relief before, but this time was different!
For 3 months, of which I am truly ashamed, I suffered the humiliation of having the eyebrows of a yeti! My beautician can quite honestly work wonders, making something out of nothing! It's like my face can breathe again! Truly & utterly amazing!

But it seemed the world had to keep itself in balance! With the good, must come the bad! As I recently mentioned, I replaced my laddered HOH Super Suspender tights with a fresh pair! I should be happy right?...NO! Me being the goon that I am, I laddered my 2nd pair on a night out with the girls last night :( Will I be investing in a 3rd pair? HELL YAAA! I Love me some HOH!

Hate to end this on a low note, but I thought i'd burden you all with my sorrows! Feel my pain! :)

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