Thursday, 15 December 2011

A week ago Wednesday, I laddered my newly bought Henry Holland for Pretty Polly tights! After failing to take clearly labelled advice, I gimpishly bawled my eyes out as my friends sat and watched! Trying not to laugh!
I have finally purchased a new pair of  Super Suspender Tights!
My tights draw is soon to be complete again!
Also, about two weeks ago, I rather stupidly managed to by a pair of tan cloured 'im laddered' tights from the same range. In case you havn't noticed from my picture, I am black :) So obviously these tights were of no use! Until.....

I had the most amazing revelation & break through! YOU CAN DYE TIGHTS! A-MAZING! Sooo, as soon as i return to Nottingham after christmas I will be investing in some black dye & will be experimenting in my bathroom sink!
But beside my traumatic experience, I thought this would be quite a cool way of experiementing with ready bought tights to create your own style and array of colours maybe? Although there is one key factor! The tights must contain a % of Nylon or Cotton!
All tights problems resolved! Go me! :)

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