Monday, 2 January 2012

Making Do

So! I was mid way having a tantrum the other day as I am fed up with being broke, having no moeny to buy the clothes that I am quite desperately desiring this sale season & BAM! Most genius idea ever!
I've decided to steal a few of my dads unwanted and no longer worn shirts & restyle them :)
(Okay, so it's not THE most genius of ideas but I was quite proud of the idea aha and it's better then nothing!)
Above is an image of one of the shirts that I have started to chnge already. I've taken of the sleeves and i've simply added a few darts to the front and back to take it in slightly. But I do not want to adjust this one too much. I quite like the idea of just wearing it as an oversized boyfriend shirt, with just some leggings, brouges/loafers.
I'll take a picture of it when I wear it so you can see :)

My mum has found her old singer sewing machine too! So i'm going to get that serviced, get it working & lug it up to uni with me! That way I get more creative with cheap clothing more often! Desperate times call for desperate measures! But it in all my desperation, this is turning out to be quite fun!

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