Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Deepest apologies and strongest regrets! I have fully neglected both my blog, hobbies, interests and self!
Almost 6 months of stagnant page activity and stagnant progression in self fulfilment. Why? Because I am easily distracted and procrastinate far too much! If you don't like something, change it! And that is fully what I intend to do! And I fully intend to start with these characteristics.

So my first blog post in how ever many months is a mere humble apology to not only my inner blossoming self that I have failed to nurture, but to the mere passers by who have found themselves stumbling upon my page!

But today has been one of those days in which I have woken up and put my  game face on! Daydreams about my hopes, aspirations and desired future simply won't cut it any more. Time to get serious!

So, this blog will continue to be a following of my utter and complete random life! But will also be a channel for me record my 'dear diary' moments and track my own progress in life!

Goals? Apart from my current yearning to develop a set of abs like the ultimate it girl for the fabulous life of a glamorous lady thug, Teyana Taylor herself! My main goal right now is just be content in myself and life! To feel good about myself! Through exercise (pretty key if I want abs!), uni, music, friends, fashion and all else that I may encounter, I hope to achieve both happiness and success.

But success is not success unless you can use it to benefit others! Most of all, I wish to inspire. Both those I know and those I don't know. If I could inspire only one passing stranger I could honestly say that I have become successful in being me!

So to sign off, I'll leave you with a cheeky little picture of the black beauty herself. She's my THINsperation! True Story!
Until next time (and I promise there will be a next time),

TheGoldSmith x

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