Monday, 11 June 2012

Ethical Fashion. Do we really care?

Yet again flicking through one of my favourite blogs, The Business of Fashion (BOF), I came across this debate fuelling post.

Can Ethical Fashion Really Be Fashionable? 
My answer to the question would be that I soon hope so! I understand the points that are being put across within the article and I quite agree with the views. When I wake up and get dressed in the morning, go out shopping and purchase new items, I very rarely ask myself how and where these items have been made. And unless really forced to ask the question, I am unlikely to wonder whether the items have been made with an ethical focus.

Whenever faced with this topic, I find myself becoming very emotionally involved and concerned for a short time afterwards. But it doesn't take long before I go back to buying products and having no knowledge as to where they have come from.

I believe that I and many other people fail to ask this question when buying items is because we shouldn't have to. In my opinion, we as the consumer should not have to worry about the ethical and or immoral manors in which these high and mighty companies go about conducting themselves in, because all companies should conduct all business activities in an ethical manor. So, when I do see items labelled as being 'ethical' or 'green'  or what have you, yes I will look at them, but I am then more likely to bypass them as I assume that all other collections have been produced in the same or similar way. Or that the whole business is operating in the same way. Yes, I know, this can be seen as a very naive view.

What baffles me, is how the individuals who run these large and minor scale companies, are able to continue producing products well aware of the unethical operations that are carried out throughout their production line. 

Ethical fashion can and will become fashionable. But it will only happen when all companies as a whole take it upon themselves to operate in an ethical manor from the offset. And not to merely appeal to a small niche market of consumers. When all companies are able to meet this, then ultimately all fashion related products that are made will be both ethical and fashionable.

Easier said than done. I know. 
But, someday in the near future, when I am able to start my own brand and fashion label, I hope and aspire to create all products with the best ethical and moral background possible. Not because it is the current market trend, but because to me, that is the only way in which a business should really be run. As an individual, I would not be able to let these factors pass my conscience.

What are your views on this subject and topic? Do you enquire into company CSR policies before purchasing from them? What factors work to affect your purchasing process? 

TheGoldSmith. x

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