Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Design & Visual Communication: 90s Nostalgia

 Here are a few images from my latest DVC module assignment at uni. Our brief was to carry out our own photo shoot, photoshop and edit the pictures in order to create either a front cover image or page spread for our choice of fashion magazine. As you can see I chose POP magazine!

The image above was my final image, which I'm about submit tomorrow. The images below are ones with which I merely experimented with.
 This isn't my strongest module of the course and although severely stressed whilst carrying out the work, I can now say that I did actually enjoy it. I've been thinking about investing some money into a professional camera and improving my photography and photoshop skills, but this has definitely secured the idea in my mind.
 I decided not to go down the route of 90's grunge, more typically associated with the era, but decided to embrace the theme of Hip Hop and street style instead. Not that I don't like the Grunge fashion of the 90s, but I can relate to the hip hop fashions much more!

Just thought i'd share this with you fellow Blogspottiens! :)

Much love,
The GoldSmith x

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