Friday, 1 June 2012

The Sartorialist

So recently I've really been dwelling on the major rise and dominance of Street Style and it's major impact on where our current fashion influences stem from. The age of the blogger has been upon us for quite a few years now, so I'm sure that by now most fashion savvy folks have that one blogger that they obsess over. Mine is most definitely Scott Schuman. No doubt about it.

He is definitely the worlds most popular street photographer and if you've ever seen his work or visited his site, I'd say it's rather obvious why!
His images are powerful and truly influential in some kind of unspoken way. He doesn't need to write a paragraph of text to accompany his images because they speak for themselves.

As I'm currently at a stage of desire for my own professional camera and undergoing a growing interest in photography, I thought I'd share some of my favourite images off Scott Schuman's blog.

And here they are...

   I love these images firstly as I have personal fascination with Men's fashion and tailoring. I love seeing how different generations and people can take one genre of style and twist it to make it their own.

I find it interesting seeing the similarities between the styles of generations. The Elder gentlemen's style in the top left image, with his trouser just exposing his socks, the bowler hat and handkerchief in pocket has been replicated with the two younger men, but with jeans and patterned socks bringing a modern edge to the look.

I must admit that I do though have a personal love and obsession with old school hats, fedoras and bowler style especially, as they remind me of my own Grandfather.

The braces, crisp white shirt and bow tie of the gentlemen in the top right image are flawless. he just looks like such a Gentlemen!

Below are few more images that I have kept of Scott Schuman's work that act as inspiration for me.

When you go out and about your everyday life, look at and take in all things around you. There will always be something to inspire you.

TheGoldSmith. x

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