Wednesday, 9 May 2012


So my attempt at making progress on my final end of term assignment was a major fail today.
Shockingly, I found myself diverting from the thrilling process of dissecting fabric swatches, figuring out weaving constructions and yarn types, to trawling the site of Tumblr.
Initially looking for inspiration for an assignment for a 2nd module, I found myself further in awe of the up coming model Leomie Anderson.
Not only is she a very beautiful young lady, with legs that probably equate to longer than my own body height, but she is an inspiration. For black girls and all other races of young girls out there. Passionate about her modelling career, she often speaks of how it hard it is for a young black female in the fashion industry to get themselves noticed, find work and not be seen as a minor. But she also talks of how these limitations merely increase her drive and motivation to becoming successful in what she does.

As a young black female, it is young ladies like Leomie, who are the same age as myself that inspire me to make a difference. In my own life, in the fashion industry and in the world. 

I am 100% certain that I want to go into the fashion industry. Not for the lifestyle, or the perks, but for the impact! Fashion can change a person, describe a personality, reflect and dictate society. Almost every person in the world has some kind of connection to fashion, even those who deny their interest will be touched by the industry in some way. I aspire to and one day WILL be apart of that impact. If not for myself, then for the next and my own generation of unheard and unseen black girls, dreaming dreams and creating goals. And for every other person who's story has been unspoken.

My procrastination today, may have held me back from completing a sheet of work to go toward my assignment. But it helped to understand why I'm doing this work and why its important that I do well in uni. The below 100% effort i was putting into work today is sure to be doubled tomorrow!

Go Hard or Go Home! 

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