Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Know Girls Love Beyonce...

Beyonce is literally dominating all aspects of all and any possible industry right now & I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually took over the world. I for one would not resist her leadership! Do I love the woman? YES!

Last week, not only was the Beyonce for H&M Summer campaign video released, but I was granted the great opportunity to see her in concert live at the LG Arena, Birmingham! Never have I been so excited in my life. That week actually sent my heart into overdrive!

Getting the opportunity to see her live made my admiration for her grow. Mother, Wife, Daughter, Business woman and worldwide icon, she holds it all down! It's almost like she was this myth and legend that I can now admit t being real. Her work ethic is only one that I can aspire to gain myself.

I did attempt to record some footage of the show, but the storage on my phone was literally so full no matter how much I deleted, videos would only last a few seconds. Sad times!
I'll still upload them, but like I said, the quality won't be amazing! Sorry!
Also, please excuse me singing in the background haha I couldn't stop myself!

Beyonce singing 1+1

Beyonce having a nice little chat with us. Check her attempt at a British accent out!

My friend Louise & I, waiting for Queen B to come on stage.
Could my cheeks get any bigger?!

Who doesn't love Beyonce? If the answer to that is 'me', then please refer yourself into a psychiatric ward. You need help!
Just sayin' :)



  1. J E A L O U S is not even the word. She's amazing.

  2. No but Michayla I'm so jealous of you right now! And now I have to go to work and put out her summer collection when it comes to our H&M store lol x