Sunday, 3 February 2013

And unto us a child was born. They called it, TrendTV!

So today, Feburary 3rd 2013, TrendTv Nottingham uploaded their first ever vlog! 

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Saadiya, Gavina and I have embarked upon a new street style journey, through which we hope to bring you some of the latest fashion trends and outfits from the streets of Nottingham.
This was my first ever attempt at video blogging and was so unaware as to how awkward I come off on camera! haha! But I will definitely be practising! Also, I look ill/dead/vile as I didn't realise how obviously the camera would depict my unbrushed hair and poorly make-up applied face! But I'm learning from my rooky mistakes so please go easy on me! 
We're hoping to deliver posts at least once per week so, check out our first video and stay tuned for more!
Like I said, it's both mine and Saadiya's first time in front of camera, so don't judge!

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