Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fashion Haul

So I've long been meaning to do a fashion haul for quite some time now and today is the day that I finally got around to it. Talk about procrastination right! My bad!
But anyhoo, here are the items that I am going to feature... (I also decided to photograph them on my washing line. Why? I don't know, I just thought it would be a bit different. Like it? Leave me a comment!)

As mentioned in my afore post about the COW student lock in, I bought two pairs of some lovely vintage high waisted jeans. Since then I've literally lived in the Lee pair simply because I love the fit. The Levis pair however, I've not had a chance to wear yet but I'm hoping to wear them later this week with the very popular TopShop burgundy high neck crop top and leather jacket. Seen as the weather has picked up I figured I may as well make the most of it!

I wear these rolled up just above the ankle. Perfect with  my worn to death converse or 90's style boots, they're  very versatile and so comfy. Also, the high waisted and sucked in waist makes it great to tuck jumpers and t-shirts into on lazy days.

My light washed out grey Levis are slightly larger at the waist but as I love me a good belt, I find little problems with them once they're cinched in.

The colour of these jeans are my favourite part about them and despite them being slightly too big, is probably the sole reason why I bought them. 
I'm most likely to wear them the same way that I wear my \Lee's.

I've also indulged in the purchasing of two new hats! One snap-back and one beanie. I was getting fed up of having bad hair days, gym days and simply lazy days but not having a way to cover my hair so I made an investment.

I'd wanted a snap-back for quite a few years at least, but had never seen any that I truly loved. Then I came across a small London lifestyle brand called Underated.
I love me some leopard print, so when I found this cheeky number there was no question about it.
They've some really nice and unique pieces on the website, reasonably priced and the quality is really good.
Just click the link above or click here if you'd like to check them out. 

 I absolutely love the neon on this beanie! Only £7 from ASOS there was no question about it! The neon trend is one that I am sure to be buying into this coming spring summer.
After it majorly dominated the SS13 catwalks, it's sure to, and has already started to, dominate the highstreet. 

I'm trying to find as many possible ways to work neons into my wardrobe without looking like a teletubby and thought this hat was a great place to start.

One final item, last but not least, is a simple LBD from ASOS.
It was hard to get a good picture of this dress that really captured its shape as it looks so much better on than merely hung, so I've linked the webpage both above and below and I've also included the image from the ASOS website as well. 
At only £18 it's such a bargain. Very versatile, it can be dressed up or down and made to suit every and any fashion mood. Perfect!
It's pretty ideal for those days when you want something loose fitting and comfy to wear, with a shape that still manages to flatter and add interest.

That's my haul guys! Enjoy, comment, browse and maybe even bye!

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  1. I haven't worn my pair of jeans yet, need your help I think! I love that snapback, it really suits you and yesss to the neon beanie!