Friday, 8 February 2013

Cow Student LockIn | TrendTv

So Wednesday just passed, Saadiya, Gavina and myself took a little trip down to Cow for their late night Student LockIn event. Offering 15% discount and some free beverages we were sure not to pass the opportunity up! And as you can see in the video, I was sure not to pass on the free drinks! haha

So, click here, Cow Student LockIn | TrendTv, watch the video & then subscribe to TrendTvNottingham.

Gavina and I did make a few cheeky little purchases and so I will be uploading a mini haul of my buys very soon! Also, I'm still very concious of the way that I come across on camera, so I'm still trying to perfect the way I present, mainly by trying not to sound so nerdy and stop moving around so much! But please, all suggestions and comments are welcome, either drop one on down below or leave a comment on the TrendTv channel!
So keep it locked if you'd like to see my new vintage buys!
 Or if for some reason you decide not to click the link above, have a go at this one here!
Or if you just fancy being awkward, Copy and paste the link below!
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Click! Click! Click! Cow Student LockIn | TrendTv

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