Sunday, 3 February 2013


A cheeky, not so little purchase that I made in Italy was a beautifully crafted, genuine Italian leather satchel. I believe I may be developing a relationship that is coming very close to obsession with this bag as I seem to be matching my outifts to the bag. Not my bag to my outifits! 

 The smell of this bag is beautiful! Like a field of slaughtered cows, this item reeks of genuine leather! My friends Hannah, Chanice and I were out shopping on the Friday afternoon in Italy, when we accidentally stumbled upon a man with a stall full of leather. Selling the same bag for 165 euros, I was very weary of handing a stall holder so much money!

It was on the last day that we came across Pitti's answer to a South London market, only it was full of genuine quality crafted goods! With great perseverance I was able to nab this bad boy up for almost half the price at 95 euros! DREAM! 

Although the leather is rather rigid now in its early days, the more I use it, the more supple it will become. It also grows in value with age! Imagine! I'd say I'd pass it down to my children, but I'm not sure how much I'll value their lives at yet! aha!

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